Crossing Borders: Marketing Your Business in New Countries

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Crossing Borders: Marketing Your Business in New Countries

Crossing Borders – Opening New Markets for Your Products

Moving your product or service into a new market can be stressful. At Blum Consulting, we have been helping companies expand their businesses for years.

Here are eight simple rules that they we share with all of our clients. We have found that these rules can make breaking into a new market easier and more successful.

  1. Great translation – Make sure that all of your marketing material is translated well. Poorly translated items can give your potential customers the impression that either you don’t care about this new market or that you don’t pay attention to details. One of our methods is to have the items translated and then read by at least five native speakers. They can tell us the translation sounds natural and clear in their language.

  2. Consistency – Social media is imperative in the 21st century. Once you have started posting to your social media accounts, you must do it consistently. You should be posting to your accounts every few days.

  3. One in 8 – Remember that only one in every 8 postings should be directly about your business or your offerings. The rest of your postings should be general information that is helpful to your potential clients. And don’t forget to have a sense of humor about yourself, your business, and the world. Most people like a brand that seems to enjoy being in business and can see the best sides of the world.

  4. Get personal – Each of your customers is an individual. Try to tailor your message to each person individually. Knowing what someone likes, and dislikes, what they want and what their priorities are is vital.

  5. Don’t be greedy – There are many items in the world that you can give to your customers. One of those things is knowledge. With the internet, there is almost nothing you can’t learn simply by looking. Share your knowledge with the world. Think of it this way: It is simple to find a bread recipe online, but most of us buy bread. That’s because, while we can make it, there is often not time or it simply won’t be as good as if we buy it from a baker. It is not just knowledge that people need to be great, it is skill. Skill only comes from time and experience. Your customers will buy skill from you, not just knowledge.

  6. Old school works – Telemarketing may seem like a technology from the 1980s but it is still a powerful way to make contact with customers that might become loyal and long-term fanatics. Hiring a tele-marketing firm can seem stressful, but a great firm will be able to help you find the right contacts, the right words, and present your business in a way that will make it irresistible to new customers.

  7. Get even more personal – Many of the world’s largest companies, including Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and more, were start-ups just a couple of decades ago. Theycreated a loyal following by starting as a very personal service. Twitter started as way for 18 employees to communicate. By the end of the day, 20 people had signed up to use it. Within a few months, there were thousands of users. Within a few years, it was the second largest social media network. Make that personal contact at festivals, shopping malls, and more. People don’t forget when they meet your company face to face.

  8. Don’t forget to enjoy it – Many business owners get scared when they are expanding. That fear manifests as a somber and angry attitude. Remember: You have a thriving business already. As long as you aren’t gambling the entire business, no matter what happens, you will survive.

Our eBook ‘Crossing Boarders: Marketing Your Business In New Countries’ will be available for download very soon.

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