Swiss Inheritance Advisory - TECHNOLOGY

The client was looking for transforming an existing small business using the latest technology for Marketing, Sales and invoicing.
We proposed to setup the WebSite including Blog, Google Apps and implemented Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects and Zoho Books for managing the client’s time tracking and invoicing.

Language: German

US Business School - SALES

The client was looking for sales people to sell a newly created Business School program designed for Start-up Entrepreneurs.
We proposed to do the following for them: address research for their target markets, Set-up of Zoho CRM and subsequent cold calls.

Language: English

Ukrainian Software Developer - SALES, MARKETING

The client was looking for an opportunity to promote their nearshore concept to Germany and the UK.
We proposed to research their target markets, launched eMail and Social Media campaign and generated Leads through Cold Calls.

Language: German, English

German IT Consultant - MARKETING

The client was looking for researching the health industry and checking a need for legally required ERP update.
We proposed to research their target market in Germany and called potential Leads before handing over to their local Sales Team

Language: German

Swiss Business Service Provider - ADMINISTRATION

The client was looking for outsourcing their administrative support.
We proposed to setup Zoho Project and Zoho Books and to use our Virtual Assistant Service. Also we recommended to translate their WebSite to Russian as some clients are located in Russia.

Language: English, Russian

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