We setup and maintain your core systems such as cloud-based eMAil, WebSite, CRM and ERP

WebSite Development

We can develop your WebSite or overhaul it e.g. make it responsive or add a blog module and implement SEO. If require we can maintain your WebSite and also upload a format your blog.

Google Apps Setup

We can setup your Google Apps (gMail, Docs, Drive) and integrate it with other cloud-based services e.g. Zoho CRM and ensure access from all your devices. If require we can manage your users and back-ups.

CRM Setup for SMEs

We can set-up for you Zoho CRM+ (Campaign, WebSite Tracking, Social Mgmt). We can implement specific workflows, manage your users and access rights and do regular back-ups. If required we can manage your campaigns and integrate your phone system.

ERP Setup for SMEs

We can design simple Workflow with Zoho Creator where fully fledged and expensive ERPs are not required. All can be fully integrated with your CRM and other cloud based Zoho tools, even with existing eCommerce solutions. For Consultants we have a ready made solution for time-tracking and invoicing.

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